We provide high quality sports-style commentary and productions services to classical music events & competitions.

At CMN, we are storytellers. Stories are the epitome of the human experience. We strongly believe in the ability of classical music to transform us through the power of storytelling. All great stories deserve to be shared and experienced by all. Unique to classical music is how the stories are told primarily through organized sound instead of by speech or picture. What we find crucial though, is that classical music is not restricted to just the music when it comes to telling a story. There’s a lot to talk about with much of the great repertoire.

We at CMN tell the stories of classical music through innovative and engaging commentary. Never heard of this piece or composer? We have you covered with our pre-show presentations. Not sure where to go to learn more about what you just heard? Our post-shows help listeners digest their experience and provide them with resources to follow up with. Look, we get it. Classical music is hard to jump in. Reading a program note can often bring on a headache with all the academic jargon thrown around. Our commentators alleviate this issue by bringing the insider knowledge without all the foreign lingo. Big words or prior standing in a community aren’t necessary to appreciating classical music.

Our promise: You CAN get something out of classical music FOR SURE! You may not know it yet, and that’s totally ok, because we are passionate about helping you find it! So we invite you to join us on our journey in uncovering the various told and untold stories of our abundantly rich world of classical music!

Classical Music Network also provides a comprehensive resource database for classical musicians. The classical community relies too much on spreading information through word-of-mouth, which works only if you are around people in the know. What if you are in a local community where no one has prior knowledge? We believe the classical community should be as transparent as possible in order to prevent alienation, expand its growth and maintain its relevancy.



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