06 May 2017

[2017 Graduation Specials] Oscar Best Song Winners Encouraged Graduates to go be Verbs

Oscar Best Song Winners Pasek & Paul came back to U-M as alum to send off the 2017 graduates!

04 May 2017

[2017 Graduation Specials] Dear Graduates, Where’s Home for You?

Our diplomas may tell others that we can play instruments, act, dance, sing, conduct, or analyze pieces of music, but they don’t explicitly mention our skills in multi-tasking, networking, perseverance, communication, or teamwork…

25 April 2017

Virtual Instruments are Used for Cultural Preservation Now

I’m a Taiwanese composer, but my default ethnic music isn’t Taiwanese. Is there something I could do to remedy this awkward situation?

17 April 2017

Newly Appointed Principal Flute for the TSO Had Her Struggles, Too

as I was about to graduate with my Master’s degree and no job prospects, I wondered if becoming a professional musician was a wise choice…